Sunday, January 29, 2017

A message to Lefties...

 "Wrong-handers" have always ruled the world...

This blog is aimed especially at left-handed people. Only around 12% of the population, lefties occupy a disproportionate segment of our society's entertainers, artists, politicians and learning disabled and criminal element. Leftys are the misbehaving elephant in the room. Yet they are the one minority most valuable to humanity, that nobody has cared to address in public education or social awareness. This blog makes an attempt to bring their staggering contribution to you in a careful, methodical way, without actually telling you what idiots you all are, for not knowing this in the first place... ;)

If you are left handed, this blog will be an inspiration to give yourself more credit, to ignore the obstacles you have encountered, to press on! You are part of a powerful, elite, universally envied group. So when you get out of prison, you should make something of yourself... LEGALLY!

If you are not left handed... you still have a right brain, although recessive, which you can and should make more use of... and change your life for the better. I have had two artist friends who had strokes. Each was right-handed. The strokes they had paralyzed their right arms and in both cases they were forced to paint with their left hands. After they got the courage to try, they found a wonderful surprise. They not only were able to continue painting, but their work improved. The force is with you!

I call that “force” the STUBBORN FLAME. It is the flame which in ancient days smeared red ocher on cave walls to tell of great hunts and ascending spiritual beings... and carved tales of massacres and warlords in stone. The flame inspired the Indo-Aryans to invent the written word, the Hurrians to develop the wheel and iron and archery. The flame fired the Greeks, who established ways so remarkable it has taken a long time to ever improve on their concepts of philosophy, government or art. And that flame exploded through left-handed iconoclasts in our history (Western Culture) such as Joan of Arc, DaVinci, Michelangelo, Newton, Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin, Beethoven, Queen Victoria, Mark Twain, Nietzsche, Henry Ford, Marie Curie, Gandhi, Charlie Chaplin, Alan Turing, Tesla, Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney, Bill Gates, and most of the Presidents in your lifetime.

It seems the only response to this brilliance offered from the 88% majority is ambivalence or ignorance. So this blog is a warning to the righted-handed; you have been had, you have been conned, herded and sucked dry by a cunning group that has miraculously laid low while quietly governing every step of your life...

If you are right-handed, you would do well to understand your plight, because it is you who must tend the fires.

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