Sunday, June 26, 2016

YOU must tend the fires...

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The chapters on the right are the story of an amazing collection of very old tintypes, of many famous people which I have discovered. > > >

The blog entries run below... 

On a balmy Wednesday evening last spring I came home and had a heart attack after some strenuous youth activities at church. It was my second time to ride the ambulance to the hospital and have stents pushed through my body.

But this second time, which was more painful, I was less inclined to do anything. I was depressed, fragile... too fragile to live the life I wanted to live. Something had to give... I had to cut some of the stress out of my gusto-rich routine. I pouted around and read some, and shopped aimlessly.

For a few weeks before my heart attack I had been visiting a certain vendor. This guy had hundreds of old tintypes for sale, a collection of collections, which had that distinct air of being part of somebody's life's work. There were so any rare images marching by like a Victorian parade, and I began to see related faces, whole families, and rare occupational images which I could not afford. This was a rare find, the culmination of years of searching and acquisition by a discriminating collector. I had nothing better to do, so I began to really look at the images carefully... admiring the pristine messengers of history, flamboyant ladies fashions and cute little children. What happened next is what this blog is all about.

This blog stands or collapses on my visual perception and my bedrock spiritual paradigm and it is my testimony, that the Lord God, Master of the Universe, arranged what happened next!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


 Bonjour! Pull up a chair!

You are in the right place... This blog is about art and history and almost everything THAT SHAPES YOUR LIFE. If you have the time, please read it. It is a window into my soul.  If not, just look at the pictures and it will be worth your time.  The in-depth chapters are on the right... the occasional "blogs" run below. The exciting photographs I have discovered are salted throughout, but will mostly be found as you read the chapters, which explain each of them.

The main thing we learn from the lessons of history,  is that we never learn from the lessons of history...  So I am going to take another crack at that.

Almost every photograph in this blog has never been seen in context for perhaps fifty years, and has never been published anywhere but here. Below is a kind of Forward, and on the upper right are the Intro and chapters of a "blogbook" I have made about these never-before-seen images, and their story, which has recently formed before me. I hope you enjoy it. Your fair and constructive comments are welcomed... the rest will be summarily deleted.